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Deer Damage Control Methods - Deer Fence

When it comes to keeping deer out of the hand-grown handiwork that is forms a garden or landscape, most turn to sturdy deer fences. And for good reason ... it's the absolute best and most sensible way to keep them out. Let's assess the five most common ways to keep deer out of yards.

There are five basic deer control methods commonly used to reduce or stop deer from damaging the goods:

1) Deer resistant foliage and plants

2) Deer repellent

3) Electric fencing

4) Various scare tactics

5) Another physical barrier, such as a non-electric deer fence

Another thing to keep in mind is that among all of these techniques above, there are dozens of different ways to keep deer out. For example, there are several variations of deer repellant, down to the "home made" deer repellent (we don't recommend making your own deer repellent unless you really know what you're doing!) There are also several options for physical barriers, down to the most rudimentary of deer fences. Likewise, there are numerous kinds of scare tactics -- and we won't go into that -- but you get the idea. We will always recommend the good old fashioned deer fence, though, because when it comes down to it, we believe that over time it will provde to be the most efficient and reliable.

There are also two basic kinds of electric fence, bait and non-baited electric fence. All of these things reduce the damage that can be done by deer (and other wildlife), but not all of them are as effective. The problem comes in the fact that deer damage control methods only perform for a short period of time and not every tactic will work for everyone.

Deer repellent is another option. Deer repellent shouldn't be seen as a replacement for a deer fence, but rather a good second option or a great addition to building a deer fence. Check out our webpage on deer repellent for more information, or contact us with any questions you may have.

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