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Deer Scram and Deer Repellants

Using Deer Repellent To Protect Your Garden and Landscaping

During the early 20th century the total population of white-tailed deer had dwindled to an estimated 300,000 individuals nationwide. However, widespread conservation efforts have not only restored this native North American animal to its original numbers, many areas of the U.S. are finding that the number of local deer currently exceeds the land's carrying capacity. This has led to a huge increase of nuisance issues for urban as well as rural residents. As communities continue to work to deal humanely with these population issues many homeowners are looking to environmentally safe deer repellent products to minimize the impact of these voracious vegetarians on backyard gardens and landscaping.

Biodegradable Deer Repellent Products

From home remedies like cayenne pepper and marigolds to foul-smelling chemical repellents, gardeners have tried just about everything to keep deer from devouring their backyard plants. However, as science improves new biodegradable products have been introduced that can effectively repel deer without causing harm to the environment or causing overwhelming odor issues. Deer Scram is one recently introduced product that is fully biodegradable and formulated to deter deer and rabbits without causing environmental harm.

How Deer Scram Repellants Work

This granular deer repellent product uses specialized chemical compounds that are easily picked up by the sensitive noses of deer while being nearly imperceptible to humans. These compounds simulate odors that deer and rabbits associate closely with predatory animals, causing them to carefully avoid any treated areas. Unlike repellants that are simply unpleasant, products like Deer Scram activate an instinctive defense response--complete avoidance--that is highly effective for preventing unwanted foraging. Granular products can be easily sprinkled around the perimeters of plant beds, garden plots, and at the base of protective fencing.

Guarding Your Backyard Buffet

Whether you just need to protect a small garden plot or the perimeter of a large backyard area, Buck Stop Fence carries a full range of environmentally safe repellent products to put an end to summertime free feeding. 

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