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What Does Deer Scram Consist Of?

What is Deer Scram Made of?

Deer scram is made of all-natural, organic material – meaning it’s not harmful to your landscape (including plants, trees and bushes) OR your children, pets and other loved ones. Deer scram is made of organic materials that deer perceive to be harmful. But, don’t worry…deer scram does not harm deer.

That being said, the main ingredient in deer scram is animal product. This usually means the main ingredient consists of dried blood and/or meat meal, and the other active ingredients include small amounts of garlic, white pepper and cloves. All ingredients are biodegradable – meaning they’ll break down in your yard over time, leaving no mess and working for many days on end per spread. Our scram normally lasts for up to 45 days. Most deer scram also works to keep rabbits out of your garden and landscape, too.

Facts about Our Deer Scram

Our deer scram is not only fully organic and harmless, it’s guaranteed to work and last. Here are some more great facts about it:

  • Lasts 30-45 Days
  • Won't wash off in the rain
  • Works in up to 6 inches of snow
  • Covers up to 1,600 square footage of land
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