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Deer Scram Deer Repellent Q&A

Deer Scram Deer Repellent Q&A

We don’t just recommend products on the fly; we test all of the products we offer extensively. We make the effort so we can safely say: ‘All of our deer repellents work!’ After testing we can say this with confidence! Not only that, but we want guarantee that our deer repellents won’t actually harm the deer—it’ll only keep them out of your garden.

Deer overpopulation is a problem in many parts of Ohio. Keep your most prized possession deer-free.

Q: How does Deer Scram deer repellent work?

A: Deer are repelled by certain smells because they think it’s harmful to them. Deer Scram repellent ‘odorizes’ your landscape and garden and sends them a protective signal to keep away. The odors in Deer Scram trigger a chemical in the brain that causes Deer to think they’re in an unsafe environment. This reaction endues stress and a nervousness that results in uninterested Deer and Safe, health, and protected Plants!!

Q: How often should I apply Deer Scram?

A: To work effectively, you should apply Deer Scram every 20-35 days. You may only need to apply a few times during summer; do to the Summers drier conditions.   

Q: How do I apply Deer Scram?

A: Using the scoop that comes with it, apply liberally to the ground in a 16” wide strip around plants, landscape or any plot needing protection from rabbits and deer.

Q: Should I re-apply it to the ground after it rains?

A: Not every time. Reapplication is only necessary after a heavy rain – for example, after a downpour of 1-2 inches per hour, or if it rains for half an hour or longer. Deer Scram is designed with a unique compound that allows odors to stick to the ground and remain effective both during and after wet weather.   –Deer Scram still works after it rains!!! 

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