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Choosing the Right Size Deer Fence- Monday, November 11, 2013

Deer fences come in many shapes and sizes. Here at BuckStop, some of our fences come as low as 4 feet, while others go as high as 10 feet. (We also carry 6', 7.5' and 8'). Chances are that you already know how long you need your fence to be from simply measuring your yard's perimeter, but you're not completely sure how high it should be.

The average "recommended" size for a deer fence is 6 feet because deer won't leap higher than that, but there are reasons you might want to go higher. The funny thing is that 6-footers are a little unpopular because many people will think that they're too low and the deer could hop over them, but they generally won't be able to. On the contrast, the higher fences (10 feet) are also rare because people not only think they don't need them to be that high, and they're expensive to ship. Therefore, almost every deer fences that are purchased and installed now-a-days are 4-8 feet in height. 

To answer the original question, a 6 foot deer fence will usually be plenty.

Other things to think about when choosing a deer fence:

  • How strong and durable does it need to be? BuckStop carries both standard & heavy duty deer fences.
  • Should you buy tree guards?
  • Do you need an 'odor control' product such as Deer Scram, as well as a fence?
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