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Buckstop Fence - Our Reviews & Testimonials

"… an excellent company to do business with!"
Linda B.
"Thanks to the deer fence, I have continued adding to the landscape with more flowers… things the deer would love to eat!"
Jim R.
"It’s the best thing we ever did for our garden! No more concern about the deer and other varmints eating our produce!!"
Bill N.
"Keeps all the animals out! Blends in well with the environment."
"Knowledgeable, friendly and easy to work with!"
Jen B.
"…Keeps the Deer out of my garden!"
Laurie A.
"Duh!... it actually keeps the deer out!"
Otto H.
"They were here when they said and they were incredible!"
John A.
"What I like most about the Deer Fence is that it blends in with the view."
Kelly A.
"Security without the visual intrusion."
Cynthia K.
"Great product, Great company. I would recommend them to anyone that Has a deer problem!"
Don M.
"It keeps the Deer out of my vegetable garden. Deer pass through our yard on a daily basis."
Karen W.
"I love it! What a wonderful job."
James F.

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