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Buckstop - Your #1 Deer Fence Resource

Buckstop is the creation of passionate gardener and Eads Fence Company owner, Dale Eads. Tired of spending countless hours on his award winning landscaping and gardens, only to have it fall victim to a herd of hungry deer, Dale wanted a safe and humane way to control the deer. No longer wanting to find a beautiful planting bed destroyed, that special tree, stripped of its bark, or half of the garden eaten, he decided that “the Buck stopped here!”

Safe & Humane Products

After years of personally using and testing all of the products we offer, we can confidently say that Buckstop Deer Fence and Repellents are your safe and humane answer to your daily battles with deer overpopulation and the havoc it creates your landscaping and garden. The nearly invisible and lightweight deer fence effectively protects your plants while maintaining your views, and keeps the deer out!

Get in Touch With Us

We are dedicated to finding the best solution to your deer problem. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are available by phone 800-669-0643 or email to answer any of your questions about all of our products, from installed fences to repellents.

Buckstop Deer Fence and Repellents are the answer for your deer control problems, because…“ The Buck Stops Here”!

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